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Feature Story - June 2005

Top Projects 2004

By K. Robert Wendel

Welcome to Southwest Contractors annual "Top Projects." Every year we compile a list of the largest projects that started construction in 2004.

With the fast pace of construction, we have also included some projects that started in the fourth quarter of 2003 that weren't covered in last year's edition.


As always, casino construction dominates the Nevada listings, but high-rise residential condominiums made a strong showing. We expect that to be the case for next year's list, with a reported 80 high-rise residential towers planned.

Timeshares are also popular in Nevada with many locating on Las Vegas Boulevard. Airport work and school construction round out the top 20 projects.

In Arizona, a broad mixture of projects made the list this year. Public projects such as the Phoenix Convention Center and water treatment plants were numerous, as were highway projects. University construction also made a strong showing, as did hospital construction.

Public work continues to dominate the construction scene in New Mexico, although the largest project, a cheese factory, was a private project. Road construction was active, along with local government and detention projects.

Work at Sandia National Labs and Los Alamos was also robust.

We based our Top Projects list on data gathered from the McGraw-Hill Construction Information Group, the Dodge database and extensive online research. We followed up with phone calls and email to gather the most up-to-date and accurate list as possible.

We realize we may not have captured every project in Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico. We apologize if we missed a project.

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