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Cover Story - October 2005
Top Design Firms

Top Design Firms of 2005
Significant Growth Continues in the Southwest

By Scott Blair

Welcome to Southwest Contractor's annual ranking of the top design firms. The information you will find on the following pages was gathered through surveys that were sent to hundreds of architects and engineers in Arizona, New Mexico and Nevada. We thank all of the firms who provided us with their information, allowing us to produce the most detailed ranking of its kind in the Southwest.


The Top 125 Design Firms were ranked by the combined total of AZ, NV and NM revenue for 2004. There are also state-by-state rankings, as well as rankings in various specialties, such as healthcare, surveying and transportation.

The 139 participating firms reported $1.36 billion in design work for 2004, a healthy increase of 8.7% over 2003. This continues the region's winning streak, building upon a 16% increase from 2003 to 2002.

Arizona saw a 7% increase over last year's numbers, while Nevada jumped 20%.

Though New Mexico slipped 4.1%, overall the region has seen very robust growth in architectural and engineering revenue over the past three years, which bodes well for the continued health of the construction industry in the Southwest.

Among the category breakdowns, 2004 saw land development as an increasingly important specialty among designers with an increase of over 143% over the previous year. Land development stands just behind transportation as the second highest revenue-generating specialty. Environmental, healthcare, interior, MEP engineering, and manufacturing were also strong categories in this year's ranking. Landscaping design, geotechnical and public projects were the only significant decliners.

Several firms saw dramatic increases in 2004: MACTEC Engineering & Consulting, Inc. of Phoenix, Ariz. moved up from 12th overall last year to sixth in annual revenue, while JMA Architecture Studios, Las Vegas, Nev. moved from 26th to 13th.

For information on how your company can participate in future rankings, please contact Southwest Contractor at 602-631-3080.

The following companies were not included in the overall ranking due to space constraints: Sherman Group, Inc., JVC Architects, T2 Architecture Group, LLC, Searer Robbins & Stephens, Hayes Architecture/Interiors, Inc., Moran Architects, P.C., Evolution Design, Inc., Arlington Design, Archaeo Architects, HMN Architects, Inc., Frame Architecture, Inc., Harris & Associates, Inc.

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